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About Patagonia

Introduction to Patagonia….. Wildlife
Enjoy 5 days exploring the impressive landscapes of Torres del Paine National Park and native flora and fauna in the Historic Magellan Strait…..Read More

Where is Patagonia

The Stuff of Legends
A bit of History
Introduction to Patagonia….. Perito Moreno
A journey of 6 days to discover the wonder of Torres del Paine National Park and one of the most impressive glaciers in the world…..Read More
Far and Away
The Chilean Oddisey……Atacama
Explore the contrasts of Chile's remotest lands, the Atacama Desert in the north and Patagonia, the southernmost place of the South American Continent. Read More
Patagonia, Interesting Facts

The Great Chilean Adventure…….
The greatest adventure to explore the Chile's extremes, the driest desert in the world, remote Patagonia and the mythic Easter Island…… Read More

Agencia Ecotour Patagonia and
Hostal de la Patagonia

O'Higgins N°730
Phone: (56) (61) 2249970
Phone/Fax: (56) (61) 2220250
Punta Arenas - Patagonia - CHILE